About Teeny Tiny Yoga


Welcome to the Teeny Tiny Yoga blog.

This blog aims to cover aspects of yoga linked to babies and children, lifestyle, food and seasonal changes and inspiration.

 As this is my first blog EVER, I thought it apt to fill in the gaps and explain how I arrived here.

 I fell in love with yoga in my early 20’s.  Here was a non-competitive form of exercise which made me feel great and keep fit. I loved that it wasn’t just about exercise, that my vegetarianism and personal philosophy fitted so perfectly with yoga.  My father was a GP and my mum, a nurse, I have always been interested in how the body works, diet and complementary medicine. I went on to train as a massage therapist and a reflexologist and often bring my knowledge of these areas into my classes. I set up a pampering business with a friend and worked in the evenings running pamper nights and 5 days a week in the city.

 After having my first child, Ava, in 2006 I took her to a baby yoga class when she was only 6 weeks old. The baby yoga class completely changed my relationship with my baby. Having not had any contact with babies before my baby came along, the class taught me ways to settle her, play with her and enjoy her. And after 6 months, I returned to my job in the city. Something had shifted and while I continued to practice baby yoga with Ava, I realised there was a way to combine two things I love, babies and yoga. I signed up for a Birthlight Baby Yoga Practitioner course when Ava was one year old.

Two years later, Aaron was born. Initially, I decided not to return to work and set up two baby yoga classes a week in local church halls. I called my business, ‘Love Baby Yoga’.  A year after Aaron was born, I realised that for financial reasons, teaching baby yoga had to be put on hold and went back to the city with a heavy heart and a plan. The money I earned in the city funded the SMART (Stretch Move and Relax Together) Toddler Yoga course which I completed in 2011.  ‘Love Baby Yoga’ no longer worked as a name, as the business name needed to encompass toddler yoga.

 Once I completed the course, I spent a long time writing a business plan for ‘Teeny Tiny Yoga’, building a website, a logo and carefully selecting venues, and I was ready to set up my own business, teaching baby and toddler yoga. I handed in my resignation and was about to work my three months notice period, when…I realised I was pregnant.

 This was a tough time for me as my energy levels dropped and I found it difficult to carry heavy yoga mats in and out of venues.  I ran classes until one month before baby Louis arrived and started again when he was only 10 weeks old. He was my perfect demonstration baby.

It is very difficult to make a profit, when you consider the cost of childcare, hall hire and marketing. It has taken 17 long years since I left university to find a job I can do that I love.  I used the time while I was working in the city to build a portfolio of skills which would help me when I had set up my own business, for example, using spreadsheets, web design, gaining a CIM Marketing Certificate, copy-writing and PR and communication. I’ve since formed a network of people running pre-school groups, ante-natal groups and yoga teachers. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be doing something I love and also be there for my children when they need me.  I have since trained to be a children’s yoga teacher with Rainbow Kids Yoga and a certified Hatha Yoga instructor.

In 2013, my family relocated to Amsterdam and I am now running baby yoga clases in the Amsterdam Zuid area.


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