How your baby becomes a bit of you forever

For many mums, being with a new baby is all we want to do and we feel guilty if we were to pass care over to someone else and take time out for ourselves.  As time progresses, your newborn becomes a mobile baby and it becomes harder to find time by yourself, as your baby does not have a concept of privacy, naps less and will come and find you on the toilet, in the shower or bath. And then when you do have a chance to go out without your baby, you may find yourself constantly thinking about them.  To imagine going back to work or being without your baby for a period of time can incur difficult emotions.

Perhaps one reason why we feel uncomfortable being physically separated from our babies is that it has been proven that a baby will leave behind ‘mystery’ cells which stay in their mothers body for decades.  Apart from the physical and sometimes mental trauma of childbirth, there are other fundamental changes to a womans body after having a baby.

Recent research proves that a mothers brain changes after childbirth. ‘What scientists do know, Feldman says, is that becoming a parent looks—at least in the brain—a lot like falling in love.’ This may explain the all encompassing desire to care for every need for our baby or babies.

But what about mum?

It is important to have a support system for the parents of a new baby. In times gone by, there would be aunties, grandparents and a strong social network for new parents to rely on. These days, parents often find themselves far away from family members. This makes it harder for parents to trust a person they may not know well to care for their baby, resulting in parents having less opportunities for a break from their new baby and feeling isolated. Does this sound familiar? Can you relate to the below video?

How Baby Yoga Can Help

During a baby yoga class, we focus on nurturing mothers as well as their baby/ies. We teach mindfulness, self-massage, the art of good posture and how to combat sleep deprivation. We look at how to hold your baby while protecting your back and how to stretch out aches and pains experienced by new parents.