You’ve got that vibe

Hearing your favorite tune can lift your spirits. Some days you may wake up and wonder how you’re going to get through the day. Your baby may not stop crying. Everytime you put your baby down he/she cries. You find it hard to get anything done. So, find your favourite feel good song and crank it up. I promise you, it’s a mood shifter.


How to Play with a non-Mobile Baby

“I was following the E-A-S-Y baby routine. Eat, Activity, Sleep with my 11 week old baby. It was mostly going well. Until we reached the ‘Activity’ part. I watched my baby lying on her back jerkily moving her arms and legs around, occasionally batting a toy in her baby gym. Activity…I wondered what sort of activities she could do, other than bat toys. It would feel good if we could enjoy playing a game together.”

This is where baby yoga comes in. Not only are the baby yoga songs and exercises wonderful for the development of your baby, but they are also FUN.

Here are some ideas*. Before you start, lie your baby comfortably on a blanket and check that your baby is alert. If your baby is not receptive, try again another time. Always observe your baby’s face to make sure that he/she is enjoying the games.


1. Place your hands underneath the soles of your baby’s feet. Gently push your baby’s feet and see if he/she pushes back onto your hands. You can sing ‘The Grand old Duke of York‘ or another marching song you are familiar with. You can try marching fast and marching slow.


2. Winding and Unwinding

Holding your baby’s left foot and right arm, gently bring your baby’s hand and foot together. Rotate your baby’s foot and hand around each other, making a ‘brrrrr’ sound with your lips. Say, ‘We wind them up so slowly as slowly as can be’ and then ‘unwind’ the hand and foot. Repeat on the other side.


*all credit to the Birthlight Trust