Reflexology for Babies

A reflexology treatment can release blockages in the flow of energy through the body. This can help the body heal naturally. Feet are divided into 10 zones. These 10 zones run vertically up the length of the body and down through the hands. It’s also possible to apply pressure to the reflex points on your babies hands, if the feet are not accessible.

To start with, gently hold your babies feet to relax your baby and connect with them. Make sure both you and your baby are in a comfortable position. You might want to sit on a cushion on the floor and rest your baby on their back on a soft blanket. Make sure your baby is receptive to reflexology. If your baby shows any sign of distress, try again another time, when your baby is more calm and alert.

As babies have such small feet, compared to our hands, you’ll find that you are 



Reflexology to Soothe Teething Pain



1.Remove babies socks or footwear and relax both feet by gently holding each foot, either one at a time or both together.2.Stroke up the five zones of each foot (see lines on feet above) and massage the head, gums and mouth and adrenals reflexology points.3.Observe any sensitivity, pause and then try the tender spot again.
4.End with a thumb press into the solar plexus points on both feet and then some gentle stroking up each foot.