Tuilips, Windmills and Cloggs

Classes are busy, I’m running baby and children’s yoga classes at Debutots summer workship, the Lollibop festival and I’ve been offered three private contracts to teach baby yoga and my middle child will be in school for full days from September.

So, just when I felt that my life here was falling into place, something comes along to change EVERYTHING. 

My husband has accepted a new job in Amsterdam from the middle of August. We have decided to move to Haarlem in October this year. 

This means leaving behind family, friends, our lovely house and garden and my thriving business in which I’ve invested so much into during the last two years.

We don’t speak Dutch, the children can’t cycle and we barely know anyone in the Netherlands.
However, we plan to move by the sea, the children are safe to play out in the streets, the pace of life will be slower and we will learn about Dutch culture and learn to speak some Dutch.
So here are some things I am learning about Amsterdam:
  • Amsterdam is the home of the Montesorri movement
  • Bank holiday’s take place on Thursday’s so people can enjoy a 4 day weekend (unlike UK, where we often have a 3 day weekend as the bank holiday falls on a Monday).
  • There are more museums in Amsterdam than any other city in the world
  • There are twice as many bikes as cars.
  • Children have no school on Wednesday or Friday afternoons and take a packed lunch
  • The work-life balance is valued. People leave the office generally no later than 5.30pm.
It will take a few months to settle into our new home. 

While we live in the Netherlands, I plan to deepen my knowledge of yoga, carry out research and study the benefits of baby yoga and run new classes in Haarlem from January 2014. 
It will be fun to cycle around and visit new museums and make new friends. 
Our new house will be a short cycle ride to the beach, so we will look forward to visiting the longest beach in Europe and flying a kite.