Born to Move

I have been searching the internet to find some research to evidence why babies love movement so much. There is lots of information on baby wearing, which does involve movement, but nothing specifically on movement.  Perhaps the answer to why babies love movement is very simple?  

When I was pregnant, I noticed that while I was busy during the day, the baby was quite still, but once I got into bed, the baby kicked. A lot. So maybe this is the origin of why babies love the sensation of being carried and held. 


An unsettled baby loves to be held and a great way of holding a baby is in a sling or baby carrier. It makes life so much easier for the caregiver, as it enables you to have both your hands free and still provide comfort for your baby.  Many newborn babies spend a lot of time sleeping.  I found my babies slept for only short bursts in a moses basket, but would sleep for much longer periods in a sling. 
Once a baby starts to be awake for longer periods, you may wish to look for ways to play with your baby.  And this is what makes baby yoga so unique.  Baby yoga involves movement for your baby, while combining exercise for you in the process. As your baby’s caregiver, you are the centre of their world and by interacting with your baby through touch and with movement, you will find a whole new way of playing with your baby. There are different holds to help relieve colic and calm them, different ways to give your baby some much loved feeling of movement and ways to hold your baby to protect your back.  I have held many babies in ‘Tiger in the Tree’ pose at the end of the class and it never fails to settle a tired baby. Unless of course, they are hungry.
Knowing a few baby yoga tricks can make life with a small baby so much easier and even more fun. Teeny Tiny baby yoga classes are also a personal journey as babies change so rapidly, you’ll notice the developmental differences between movements your baby did at the beginning of the course and at the end.  While toys and external stimulation have a place in your babies life, I strongly believe that you are all your baby needs and baby yoga is a beautiful way of giving you more resources to play with, and comfort your baby.

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